What is Advanced Engineering Mathematics?

What is Advanced Engineering Mathematics?

Advanced Engineering Mathematics can be broken down into simple terms to create a better understanding of what it means. First of all, it is a branch of science and technology that deals with the use of mathematics to solve problems. It has been in existence since the early days of humans when simple inventions were created such as pulley system, stone wheels and lever. The word engine is gotten from the Latin word Ingenium which means innate quality this dates back to the year 1250.

Mathematics is the study of figures, numbers, equations and algebra; Archimedes is the father of Mathematics. It is in stages from kindergarten where children learn to count to primary schools where they learn addition, division, multiplication and subtraction. In secondary schools, students learn slightly more complex topics than this. To be advanced means it is more in-depth study of a subject or matter.

Therefore, it is an applied branch of mathematics that is studied at a higher institution of learning such as a university, college or institution where students earn a degree. A student must have prior knowledge in calculus before studying this subject. The subject may be divided into many areas of learning which will be highlighted in the areas below.

Another set of topics include probability

Many students spend hours dedicated to gaining knowledge due to the large number of calculations that are involved. Sometimes, they do not have a lot of free time to spend on hobbies or with friends. They study vectors and scalar quantities, a vector is an object that has both magnitude and direction while a scalar is an object that has magnitude but no direction. Examples of vectors are velocity, force and momentum, a vector is drawn with a small arrow on top to signify direction. But examples of scalar objects are mass, volume, density, time and speed.

Another set of topics include probability and statistics which are used to study real problems and determine the possible results of situations depending on the given data. This may be further broken down into topics such as combinations and permutations. The latter helps to determine the number of possible arrangements in a set. Mathematical statistics also includes the following hypothesis testing and random sampling.

What is Advanced Engineering Mathematics?

Hypothesis testing is used to calculate a result under a given assumption, it is more or less an educated guess. Before it is confirmed, it has to pass through at least six stages. The first step is to create your hypothesis and assumption. Afterwards, state the alternative and study the set before you collect your data. Next, carry out testing and know whether or not the hypothesis is true or false. Statistics and probability are useful for final year students when they are carrying out their research project.

This is a subject that is important for students who are interested in getting a degree in a science-related course. These courses include physics, mathematics, computer science and others. For students seeking to gain more knowledge, a standard higher institution and good textbooks are useful along with dedication and discipline to succeed at the subject.