Complexity in software engineering

Complexity in software engineering

There are some definitions that have to be known in software engineering before we proceed. One of them is a software which refers to computer codes, all together with documentation. These documentations are developed for so that it can fit the requirements of the customers. But now what is software engineering? It is the discipline concerned with all aspects of software production from initial conception to operation and maintenance. Software engineering is so complex but why? Different things make it to become so complex. It is always viewed by the programmers to be a simple thing but in real sense it is complex.

Software engineering is complex. This is because, in software designing there are procedures and methods followed. These methods are: waterfall method, agile, scrum all these methods need everyone to capture them, even with trading systems which require complicated trading algorithms. Each of the methods has its features and procedure that have to be followed to ensure that efficient software is produced. It is difficult to use the procedure of one method in the other methods.

There are always different ways that

There are different characteristics of software that makes software engineering more complicated. These are: the final product is intangible, large software is always “bespoke”, developers do not have much experience, and finally technology changes very quickly. What then do we mean when we say that the product is intangible? Designing in another engineering field like civil engineering, somebody can be able to feel the final product. In Software engineering, it is always easier to claim that the software is 90% complete yet there is no proof that it is complete.

There are always different ways that programmers can use to determine a large software yet this can be through communication. It is difficult for everyone to become satisfied with what has already been developed. Most people or users of the system have their opinion on the system proposed. The programmers find a hard time for they are required to produce a product that meets the expectation of the people. That is why they are required to communicate with other people associated with the system.

During software prototyping, there is a

Change in technology changes the way the software was developed. Let’s say if the software was developed using a particular languages like c++, and due to technology changes, there is a need for the programmers to upgrade to another languages like java or python. Then that means that difficulty in language structure will cause a lot of complications.

During software prototyping, there is a need for the developers to communicate with the users of the software, why should they communicate? This is because they might get hooked up when they will find themselves not doing the right thing. Most users provides the requirements, yet they are not sure about those requirements. The major thing that must be done is to ensure that the programmers can provide a prototype that will be given to the client so as they can certify that their needs are answered by the prototype.

Complexity in software engineering

There are also needs that when the software is being developed, users have to be continually involved in the prototyping. This will ensure that the development of the software will not be much costly but this is the most complex part for there is a need to involve the users. Choosing the correct method to follow during development is a major concern, waterfall for instance will not be able to involve the clients all through the development, they are only required during requirement gathering.

There is much arguing points during the prototyping period for the developers might not be able to understand one another. In software designing, there are various computer languages used, such as java, c, and c++. Some of them might argue that they need to use the language they know in development. The issue comes in the specification because when the system needs to be met some conditions, one language must be chosen. This makes the software more difficult to other designers because of the language. Chosen language will cause impact to the development environment this is due to its structure.

Generally software engineering is a very complex field this is because of many issues depending on the environment that the developers are working on. The system also designed can add many complications to the developers.